Upper Hattons Stables

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My name is Lexy, I am 12 years old. I love riding here, my favourite horses are Lucky and Bob the Cob. I love Bob's moustache, it's my favourite riding stables!

Daisy has enjoyed every lesson she has had over the last couple of months. She has progressed really well and has been made to feel very welcome from the start. She smiles from the minute she gets on the horses and has formed a great relationship with Jade who teaches her. The lessons are varied from week to week, leaving her counting the days to her next visit.


- Lyn Thompson (Daisy's mum).

Bob is a really good boy. I love my riding lessons with Jade.


-Charlotte, aged 9.

Rascals is my favourite pony, I would love to ride her every day!


- Ellie, aged 9.

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My name is Sophie Rabone, I am 11 years old. I love it at the Upper Hattons, the instructors are really nice. I ride Rascals and Lucky.

In my second lesson with Rascals I enjoyed trotting with my hands on my head! She is very cheeky!


- Gabbie.