Upper Hattons Stables

Centre of excellence in all things equestrian

Here at the Upper Hattons we are able to offer horse owners an extensive range of livery facilities.  


Qualified staff are on-site at our livery stables 24 hours a day, so your horse will have the best and constant care and constant supervision. Our staff are chosen based not just on experience, but on their passion and their love for horses. In addition, the Upper Hattons has long-term partnerships with vets, farriers and dentists so can meet all your horse’s livery and boarding needs.


Livery Services:


Full Livery - Prices start from £92 per week (includes turn out/fetch in/muck out/feed/hay/bedding/grooming/vet and farrier attendance 7 days a week - extras available for separate fee e.g tacking up ready for arrival/exercising etc)


Part Livery - £65 per week (includes as above 7 days a week - excluding feed/hay/bedding/brushing )


Working Livery - £50 per week, please ask for details









When I moved my horse Freddy onto the Upper Hattons 2 years ago he was instantly made welcome and so was I. Everybody at the yard was so friendly! It really makes an enjoyable place to spend your spare time. Most importantly the quality of care given to the horses is first class, the staff care for Freddy as if he was their own, and you can’t ask for more than that. An excellent livery yard that I wish I’d found sooner!


Charlotte Baker - Livery

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